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Safcon is an industry leader developing security technologies and delivering customised solution. With our over a decade of experience in developing and manufacturing tamper evident security seals to meet customer requirements, we have capabilities to meet your specific needs. We sell security seals direct to actual users and guarantee the privacy and integrity that a security seal demand. At Safcon we are dedicated to build solid and lasting relationship by being uniquely flexible. To us, flexibility means offering you almost limitless variety of security seal combinations to precisely match a product construction to your application. By doing this, we can promise you the best balanced choice based on your performance, delivery and cost requirements. Safcon's vision for the future is clear, based on our strong foundation of customers' service, innovative, application-specific solutions. We create superior products, sell it at a competitive price and deliver to meet your deadline.

In recent decades, security has been a key component of airport and airline operations, and a mandatory requirement for large airports and Regular Passenger Transport operations. However, the events of Sep 11, 2001 have significantly increased demands on airport and airline security. Since Security Seal plays an important role in overall security program and hence the selection and use of right security seal is very important. A high level of security and fast, efficient service has the highest priority in international air transport as everyday airlines face the threat of fraud, smuggling and theft and terrorism. Safcon security seals protect air freight and on-board supplies from theft and tampering. For high level of security application, Safcon security seals are most reliable and cost effective. Once applied, the seal cannot be opened and it must be cut to remove. The seal is manufactured with the best quality of raw material and is provided with highly visible non-repeat unique serial number which are very easy to read, record and verify.

We are a few of handful companies in the world offering complete range of cost effective security seals be it plastic, metal, combination of metal & plastic or adhesive security label seals.

We offer security seals for your all applications:

  • Airline Catering Trolleys
  • Duty Free Trolleys
  • Passenger Baggage
  • Aircraft Door and Hatches
  • Containers
  • Cargo
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Bags



    Pull Tite Security Seals

    Cost - effective solution for all applications requiring a variable length seal. Easy to apply, little effort is required to apply this strong seal. more....

    Ball-lok Security Seals

    Strong and Versatile One Piece Seal with Easy Tear-off Facility. Highly flexible pull-through seal, quick and easy to apply. No tools are required. more....

    Mini Tite Security Seals

    Cost effective Flexible Seal, easy pull through application. No tool required to seal or open. more....

    Hasp-Lok Seal

    A Cost Effective and Practical Tamper Indicating Security Measure for All Applications. Combination of plastic body and metal hasp provides high strength and durability. Available in wide variety of colours both Opaque and See through colours.

    Fixed Length Security Seals

    The unique head design gives an exceptionally high level of security with a low insertion force, resulting an ease of operation not experienced from other types of security seals.

    Saflok Container Seals

    Two Piece all plastic non-corrosive seal. Easy to apply by hand. Easily removed by hand - requires no tools.

    Bolt Container Security Seals

    The locking bar and cylinder are easily locked by a slight pressure by the hand.
    Designed to achieve highest possible security, thereby eliminating chance of pilferage and tampering without detection. more....

    Cable Seals

    High Barrier Metal Security Seal. No tool required for installation, simply push cable through body to lock. Unique lock design that is virtually impossible to open. more....

    Tamper Evident Security Labels

    SAFCON SECURITY LABELS are designed to protect against fraudulent warranty claims, product tampering, equipment identification, calibration, warning and other countless applications. more....

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